Mission and Vision


Mission Statement

To inspire people to love and preserve our Southeast Utah National Parks and Monuments.


Consistent with Bates Wilson’s legacy, we will inspire individuals and communities with a passionate appreciation for vibrant and healthy national parks.



Connecting Youth to the Parks

We recognize that natural places are vital for children, their children, and continuing generations. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow and we will provide young people with opportunities to explore and form their own connections to the landscapes and grow as lifelong stewards of national parks.


Enriching the Visitor Experience

We will work to ensure that park visitors experience a strong personal connection with the land and that exploration, education, and research opportunities abound.


Working in Collaboration with the Community

We respect the needs, values, and traditions of local communities and cultures, and we seek to forge relationships between the parks and the communities based on mutual benefit and trust.

Assisting the National Park Service

Our work will reflect and support the National Park Service’s mission of preservation, enjoyment, education, and inspiration.


Supporting Lasting Preservation

Enduring success depends on our extraordinary national park lands being preserved forever. We will support the conservation and preservation of natural and cultural resources for generations to come.

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