Night Sky

Night Sky

Dark Skies are a valuable and rare resource that millions of people throughout the world never get to see. Discover ways to appreciate and conserve Moab's unique and rare dark skies here at home. The universe is right overhead in our backyards!

The mission of Moab Dark Skies is to promote the appreciation and conservation of Moab’s unique and rare dark skies.

The Goals of Moab Dark Skies are to:

  • Maintain and preserve the dark skies in the Moab region.
  • Encourage night sky friendly for municipal, business, and private use.
  • Increase public awareness of the unique resource in Moab’s dark skies.
  • Provide dark sky educational opportunities and events for the community.
  • Promote the economic benefits of astrotourism in the local economy.

The Friends supports the preservation of the night skies and works closely with the National Parks Dark Skies Program.

The Moab Dark Skies was started by the Friends of Arches and Canyonlands Parks in coordination with the National Park Service, Utah State Parks, and Moab community leaders. During the summer months, the Park provides an Astronomy Ranger Program under the spectacular starry skies. During the Spring and Fall, the Friends in coordination with the Park Services sponsors night sky viewing within the national parks. Special guests such as Seth Jarvis, the Director of the Clark’s Planetarium in Salt Lake City come to the park to conduct “Star Parties” for the visitors and local communities. The Friends works with local groups in sponsoring night sky programs geared towards educating the residents and visitors of the importance of maintaining the dark skies.

Watch this video on the Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative.

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