Volunteer Stewardship

Volunteer Stewardship

Support for NPS Volunteers-In-Parks Program

The National Park Service relies on volunteers to help with specific tasks, from enhancing the visitor’s experience to protecting the parks' resources. The Friends provides direct, targeted funding for the Volunteers-In-Parks program, giving the Parks the ability to support volunteers with training, tools, and support.

For more information on volunteer opportunities and to visit the Volunteer Events and Service Saturdays calendar visit the NPS website.

Volunteer opportunities may include:

Sticker/Staple Club

Volunteers meet weekly at the parks' administrative office to socialize while doing simple sedentary tasks, such as stapling permit regulations or adding color-coded stickers to maps. A great way to meet people in Moab!

Trail Stewards

Volunteers are assigned specific trails within one of the four parks or monuments in southeast Utah. They monitor their assigned trail to identify hazard issues, ensure the trails are properly marked, and to interact with visitors.

Weed Warriors

Volunteers assist and work closely with NPS Natural Resources staff with invasive weed removal in Arches and Canyonlands to identify and remove a variety of invasive weeds. These many include ripgut brome, puncture vine, Russian thistle, tamarisk, and Russian olive.

Service Projects and Events

Volunteers may be asked to participate in park projects and events as needed. On occasion, the National Park Service conducts special events and coordinates opportunities to participate in one-time projects where extra helping hands are needed.

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