Your Essential Guide to Arches National Park Timed Ticket Entry

Your Essential Guide to Arches National Park Timed Ticket Entry

Are you one of the 1.5 million plus visitors who will look to visit Arches National Park during the busy season of March through October this year? The draw of Arches, with its red-hued geological wonders in the heart of Utah’s desert where the Earth reveals artistic masterpieces, millions of years in the making, is magnetic. We invite everyone to experience it in person at least once. But with its popularity growing each year, getting up close and personal with the iconic Delicate Arch or the Devil’s Garden requires a bit more than just a sense of adventure; it requires a booking strategy. 

For 2024, Arches National Park has implemented a timed ticket entry system so visitors can better enjoy its natural wonders in an organized fashion. Here’s your timed ticket entry guide to understanding the system and mastering it for a seamless national park experience.


Arches Timed Ticket Entry 101

The Arches timed entry system is a measure crafted to preserve the park’s delicate environment and manage the influx of visitors effectively. Park visitors using the timed ticket entry system can be assured of time to relish the park’s beauty in a thoughtful manner.

The system involves scheduling an entry time up to three months in advance for your visit to Arches National Park. You’ll be thrilled to know you’ve secured your slot amidst towering arches and rugged canyons well in advance, promising you an inspiring and memorable experience—for all the right reasons.

Navigating Arches Timed Ticket Entry

Arches National Park Tickets

The National Park Service issues a certain number of entry permits for each hour between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. from April 1 to October 31, 2024, to maintain a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. 

To secure your time slot, you need to make a reservation on the website or app. These reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance in monthly blocks, so plan ahead and have your trip dates and perhaps alternate dates ready! Be aware that virtual queues may be present when the reservation block opens at 8 am, particularly during busy holiday months. 

Once you’ve selected your preferred entry window and paid the $2 reservation processing fee, you’ll receive an email confirmation with the timed ticket entry attached. Print, download, or screenshot your entry ticket, as you’ll need it, and your park pass or entrance fee, which grants access to Arches’ timeless landscape during your scheduled time.

Have Fluid Plans?

For those unable to plan ahead or secure a timed ticket entry through the above system, a limited number of tickets will be available one day prior to entry at 7 pm MDT through These are expected to sell out quickly. 

Finally, no timed tickets are required before 7 a.m. or after 4 p.m., so some flexibility is available for those looking to catch prime photography hours or avoid the heat of the day. 

Enjoy Your Visit to Arches National Park

Arches’ timed ticket entry system signals a new chapter of ensuring access to the park’s natural beauty while balancing accessibility with a responsibility to preserve these wild landscapes. By following the guidelines of Arches National Park’s timed ticket entry system and planning carefully, you’re ready to fully enjoy your adventure to the awe-inspiring arches.